This year when I was asked to photograph the Board of Directors for Micah Projects annual report, I was determined to say goodbye to the boring boardroom group photograph.  I decided to offer the team a challenge to an exciting new experience. The result speaks for its self, our board members could not withhold their enthusiasm, the delight of the moment bonding them together, their faces revealing their pleasure as they happily grouped together within the street environment.
Days later the board members were shown the results and to my amazement they were still expressing the pleasure of their experience and reliving their moments of elation.

This image came to me as an idea several weeks earlier. I did a location reconnaissance in the days leading up to the shoot and decided on my final plan. I would photograph the board of directors in the middle of a very busy intersection.
I was apprehensive about suggesting such a bold move, however I received a very positive reaction from the art director Robyn McDonald. The traffic lights at this intersection go red on both main roads for 30 seconds. This gives pedestrians the opportunity to cross diagonally, it was in this 30 second period that I composed the photograph and took these amazing images of the group.
Robyn and the board members have all expressed their gratitude to me for the satisfying results.